Sunday, December 5, 2010

myth of ology

K A L K   B A Y

being bored is the worst feeling in the world.
being uncomfortable when you're exhausted, trying to sleep, being eaten by 'squitos all night is very close.
so you wake up, tired and annoyed, you have to do something else, other than sit and chill.
The Vintage craft Market was cancelled this week so . . . Kalk bay was happening :)

I took Liz and Jess, and we went to walk around Kalk Bay Main Road. I went into Mythology, in search of Beatnik Bazaar's stuff, to no avail. Nothing. Except I found a Christmas gift List item ;)
AMAZING! Necklaces with the cutest pictures stuck under shiny clear gloss on a silver chain . . . AMAZING

what I'm wearing

polka dotted cream shirt - mr price
denims - RE:Jeans
lattice pumps - mr price
necklaces - made by me :)
charm bracelet - foshini
gold antique ring - mr price

Has been a nice weekend, since it has been a long time since I had a weekend off and to myself. I got a mini promotion at work, so that's pretty cool :) Looking forward to starting that this week.
I also want to congratulate my dear cousin, and highest commenting reader, Leilani van Wyk and her fiance CJ Sterfontein on their engagement. I am so excited for you two.
Have a lovely Sunday . . . drink tea, relax, be happy about it and lie in the sun.

peace and love


  1. I ♥ Kalk Bay and my beautiful cousin :)

  2. nice jen :)
    where'd you sppot those pretty necklaces? i agree, a must on my christmas wish list.

  3. eliz, the necklaces are from Mythology, R115 each. stunning hey :)

  4. Ah, there is the top! Lovely pics girl


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