Saturday, December 11, 2010

lace dancing

A  F A M I L Y   G E T O G E T H E R

Having lived in the Valley my whole life, as has my dad done the same, we know a lot of people. People leave for a short while, but in the end - you just can't escape the Fish Hoek Valley. On Tuesday, one of my dad's best friends arrived from the UK for the Holiday Season. It's always so lovely to have the extended family around, and there are so many of us.
Today was Katie, their youngest daughters Christening.
and Surprise! Another windy day in the Valley . . . and not just a breeze, it's pumping.

I bought this dress ages ago, but haven't had the time or opportunity to wear it. So I took today as the perfect chance. Pity the wind didn't play along. best thing was that the special girl and I matched . . . Katie's white dress had the same detail as my cream one :)

what I'm wearing

cream lace dress - a little boutique in our mall
black gladiator sandals - mr price
black under skirt - Street Market, Durban
floral canvas studded hand bag - handmade in Thailand

this is the bag I won from the Embracing Styles competition last week . . . I got it this morning and couldn't be happier. It's amazing! Floral, canvas, long strap, studded, lovely! Thank you again, Anthea. See her blog here

So I have been thinking . . . I would like feed back from the people who read the blog.
What do you think it's missing?
What should I do more or less of?
Anything you like in particular?
Do you find it easy to navigate?

Please comment to let me know . . . I really would love to here from you.
Otherwise, FOLLOW, comment and keep reading.

{peace and love}


  1. Hey Jenna :) I love your blog,don't change a thing <3

  2. That little girl is Gorgeous. Just like you!

  3. Maybe more accessories, like bangles or something? Not around the neck, due to the heavy detail. It would look lovely with heels.

  4. I agree, I forgot all my bangles at home.
    When I bought it, I invisioned it with black stockings and black stillettos. looks good together.
    Thanks for your input darling :)

  5. This is beautiful Jenna, the words, the pictures, the whole blog. So happy to see you today. Leon

  6. You looked beautiful today Jen, as always! Thank you for spending the day with us!
    P.S. I love your bag, it is stunning.
    Michelle xxx

  7. aww these pictures are soo pretty!! :D
    love your dress btw!


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  8. YES! Loving the blog - so excited and cant wait to see some of your projects though!!! ;)

    Also, maybe it would be nice to see you dress up up :p as stated before, like with heels and what you'd wear to a fancy date or something... loving your style, very pretty casual!! But I'd love to see how you combine your unique layed back look in the fancy wear ;)

  9. That's a very good idea :)
    Next year, I will be posting a whole lot of my work, but this year wasn't was productive as I was hoping :)
    Thanks for the feed back, keep it coming
    x j

  10. Aw, I thought I recognized Anthea's bag... lucky you! These are lovely pictures, the dress is beautiful and, well, so is the baby. : )


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