Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is here :)

H e l l o   S u m m e r :)

My darling friend, Lisa Harrison, organised a little Christmas getogether on the Public Holiday. It was so sweet. I didn't know half the people, which was nice because I had to be exciting and talk to strangers . . . Not usually my favourite thing, but it went very well :) Met some new people and had a lovely, Christmasy time. Thanks for organising it, muffin :)

In these pictures . . . Olivia Williams (stripped shirt) , Chelsea Harvey (floral dress) , Lisa Harrison (rose shirt) and Me :)

So we each had to bring gifts, just a little one, and we had to pick out a box . . . then we could steal from other people to get the one that you want . . . I got that AMAZING love ring :)
I was a very nice (I hate that word) clever idea to get us all together before everybody split up for the Hoildays . . . Thanks again Lisa x

{peace and love}

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