Friday, December 17, 2010

road trip over the hill

hiiiiiii . . .

After a month of the wind (yes, I know I complain about it all the time - shows how much I hate it) had seemed to have given up and a beautiful summers day was emerging. Had to get a touch of Christmas (and self) shopping done, but then had nothing planned the whole day. My sister Jess was in the same situation, so we decided to pack or bags and head to the beach. But I hate the packed beaches, and came up with the idea of heading south to Boulders beach. For those who don't know, this is the paying beach where you and the penguins swim and lie on the sand together, all happy as Larry. But being the first glorious day in weeks, the beach was PACKED with tourists, and by full - I mean closed.

Jess found an old school tape (I have a tape deck in my car okay) which had Bon Jovi, Rod Stuart and Bryan Adams on it, and together we worked out how to use the tape deck :) Welcome to Lil Hooch . . . my lovely lil car :)

Soo, we had to rethink and ended up going to a local-only beach just round the corner, but the wind had already picked up there . . . so annoying!
Ended up coming home and lying by the pool and jacuzzi . . .

Now Liz and I are making Sushi for dinner. All you can eat, yes please :)

What I'm wearing

white shirt - insinc
high waisted denim shorts - woolworths
silver sandals - mr price

Last night, I went to a lovely little Chrismas get together . . . one of those cool gift exchanges were you get to steal from the other people, hehe sorry Chelsea :)
I got this ring I'm wearing . . . l o v e. Thanks Lisa my darling. . .
Will do a post on that soon.
Must get back to my sushi making

{peace and love}


  1. I'm glad that it was you who got the ring <3
    Love the outfit, Jen! Such a summery feeling :)

  2. Thanks Chels :)
    Comment more often, it's lovely to hear from you on here :)
    x j


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