Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ooooohkay? Hollywood twins, no?

J a v i e r   B a r d e m   a n d   J e f f e r y   D e a n   M o r g a n

I can honestly say that I thought Denny from Greys Anatomy and the man from P.S. I love you was the same as the lover guy from Love in the Time of Cholera and the scary dude from that movie - ahhh, Chainsaw Massacre? No, It was that awful movie, No Country for Old Men. Yuck, and he had that horrible bob hair thing going on, running around trying to kill everyone? Don't remember - was terrified, either way.

But guess they are two people? Fancy that :)
The one on the left, is Javier Bardem, the star of the Cholera movie and ugly scary bad guy in No Country for Old Men and the right hand side one is Jeffery Dean Morgan, lovely man playing the Irish Love Interest from P.S I love you :) AND! So excited, Eat Prey Love is starring him as the love interest :)

Not my favourite movie ever, quiet sad if I remember correctly, but lovely costumes and poster.

 Z o o e y   D e s c  h a n e l   a n d   K a t y   P e r r y

Wow, these two are also identical! it should be illigel!
 Zooey Deschanel is the actress from 500 Days of Summer, Elf and Yes Man! She was also in that movie where the Mockingbird drives her crazy, Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker.
While Katy Perry is the amazing vocal artist, obviously, whose sings songs such as California Girls, I kissed a Girl and Hot n' Cold . . . and NO! They are two different people!

Just Saying :)


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