Friday, September 17, 2010

My room

I decided that today I will show you my room . . . the room of a fashion design student :)
Most things in my room have some sort of sentimental value or meaning to them.

This is the view as you walk in to my room. My designed the 'bed box' and my clever dad made it, so my bed is high up, with a step and has a book box behind it serving as a head board. My dressing table is attached to the other side against the window. I read a lot.

I have a big collection of magazines, mainly Elle and Cosmopolitan, though the latter, I am less proud of. That 9 Heads is the best R600 I have ever spent. It's a reference book that has everything a design student could ever need, TD's, drawing tips and techniques etc.

I collect books. And thus, I have a lot of books. Fiction. Non Fiction. I really like biographies and stories about the revolutions.

Scotch taped to my cupboard are pages with a design for a dress, made out of hospital bed sheets and such, showcase a stand against under 21's fighting wars, losing their lives for their countries bad mistakes. It was a project we were briefly given in about grade 11, but I really was happy with my work.

This is Christy. Well, in fact, all mannequins I have are Christy. It comes from way back when . . . long story, but I borrowed a mannequin for Dylan's granny right, and she smsed me to ask if I had seen Christy :) There. She is currently wearing my Matric Dance Prom dress and a 2 year olds floral shirt which I have cut the sleeves and created a bolero :)

This is Christy too :) Except this one is wearing a vintage crochet waist coat my mom gave to me a few days ago, my favourite necklace at the moment and my amazing beaning from Lipsy. On the chest of drawers stones that I have collected from all over, wherever I travel, I pick up the perfect pebbles. The picture of the young man there is an old school friend that passed away last year. It's just there to keep me thinking about him and all the others in the same postition.

My door and glass bookcase . . . more books

Favourite shelf, Jane Austen and Fashion Babylon, with some others I haven't read yet . . . The picture is of Courtney (my boyfriend) and I at our Plett Rage. Plett Rage is the Western Capes End of School Vacation Party.


Always have tea :) And Courtney's drawing doll, Angus.

The view out of my balcony doors . . . Chapmans Peak and Noordehoek Beach

The Sunvalley area and Ou Kaaps se Weg

I have an old cat, he's 14, without much ears. This is Casper, and he survived Melanoma :) Also known as Fluff, Floss, Pom Pom, Small One and Devil Spawn.

Chuck Chuck, Tiny fluff :) Well his full name is Charlie Parker Cooper, but Chuck is easier.

And this . . . This is Calo. My beautiful pride and joy :) Caleb Jude is not very good at sitting and letting me take pictures of him, but this will do. Cousin Jem giving him is Christmas present :)

This is Court and I, 2 and a half years :)

Well, This is my life really

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