Saturday, September 4, 2010

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My life is lead by two main thing that branches out to many things - Beauty and Love.

Everyday, we see hundreds of images, our minds are exposed to millions of sights a minute but how many can we recall? I believe that if we can see the beauty in each one of the amazing people around us, then, and only then can we look at ourselves with different eyes.

Love is easy to find but not as easy to keep. If we can learn to love everybody - regardless of race and homeland - then our world can think about striving for peace.

Once we have done that, each and every one of us will find our path to true happiness.

I have the bestest best friend I could wish for, the closest buddies ever the strongest support system of a family and I finally got the guy of my dreams, the same one I have been in love with for five years.

"The greatest thing in life that you can learn is just to love and be loved in return" - Moulin Rouge

"Sometimes beauty lies on the surface, sometimes it radiates from within. It is a rich and wonderful as life itself. Beauty is in every one of us as well as between us. Beauty is the only thing that we can see with our eyes as well as with our hearts." Nivea
I live in the most incredible place on the surface of the earth, Cape Town, South Africa, was in Matric at the best school in the universe - Fish Hoek :) and am now currently studying a Fashion Design degree at fedisa - with the craziest, most beautiful bunch of people you have every met

This is Jenna Rachel Maree-Kipling ... through and through -- Know me, Love me -- Because this is me.

Silly teenager ;)

In Grade 10, we were assigned our first 'Eco-Fashion' project :)
We showed, for the first out of 4 times, at the 2006 Cape Town festival on the corner of Bloem Street and Long Street in Cape Town. First time modeling on a stage and it was amazing!
 It was soo much fun! I ended up making a corseted bodice, attached to a full-circle tu-tu skirt, petticoat included :) the back, under the lacing had a bouquet of lilies (I was obsessed at the time). The cool thing was - the whole thing was recycled materials.

Here we are in Bloem Street, waiting, paparazzi hitting us hard :P

I made this dress and some of Dylan Rohlands outfit in Grade 10. Completely recycled, made out of Coca Cola banners with an underskirt of bin bags. It was corseted with raffia, with the eyelets being tabs from Coke tins . . .
The bouquet was faux lilies, with stuck-together green electrical duct tape, green pencils and kokies, string, pieces of plastic and sprite bottles.

My mom organised a fashion show for the whole classes work, it was a huge success. It was at the Bay Festival, Bay Primary's annual fundraiser. She hired Charles Landers Photographers to shoot the whole show.
It was amazing. So many people pulled through to help out.

In the end, we wore these poor clothes to death. The plastic has come away from the lining, the tabs have broken off . . . it was just killed. We did the Cape Town Festival, The Variety Concert, The Design Exhibition Show and the Bay Festival.

Then somebody stole my petticoat - or through it away - so I can't even wear it again.

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