Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Duchess

T h e  D u c h e s s  G o e r g i n a  S p e n s e r  C a v e n d i s h  
o f  D e v o n s h i r e

I watched this movie yesterday, just because I had nothing to do and I am so glad I did. The costumes were amazing! The costume designer, Michael O'Conner was nominated for an Oscar, in 2009, well worth it :) And Won it, stole the show  . . .

"  Oh lucky, lucky Keira Knightley! She plays Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire, and while the dramatic life of this charismatic woman was probably what drew her to the role, I'm sure the movie's lavish period costumes were a nice little bonus. Who wouldn't want to adorn herself in such gorgeousness? There's 18th-century costumes and then there's this movie: The wigs, the jewelry, the dapper menswear, the exquisite detail . . . The Duchess is a frenzy of beautiful period costuming — and I can't get enough of it.  "

This is my favourite dress, floral at that, of the whole movie, though it was the saddest part.

This scene everybody was dressed in pastels and soft, pale colours, excentuated with pearls and soft coloured flowers

18th Century riding coat, this was at the Fox Pep Rally.

Raw Silk, Rococco style dress

Zoom up of the hat, Ostrich feathers. Curls were reallt popular in this film

Beautiful dress in the garden

"what she wears today hope to see you wearing tomorrow"

Lady Georgiana Spencer (The Duchess of Devonshire) is an important figure in political history. She was born in 1757 and died in 1806. She had an influential role in many key, political events, and in the shaping of the early Whig Party. Georgiana saw the French Revolution through the eyes of an English aristocrat, and as a friend of Marie Antoinette

Watch it, well worth the near two hours . . . Well worth the Oscar it won. Really lovely movie.


  1. Loved this movie, very sad story but the sets and designs, just gorgeous! She's actually family of Princess Diana (Spencer)

  2. Very sad, and her husband? What a sad excuse for a man . . .
    Read, comment, follow, enjoy

    Jenna x


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