Friday, September 17, 2010

Heels and Socks - what do you think?

In the beginning I was highly, highly against this - as for years we have laughed at people like Alicia Silverstones' character in Clueless, with her silly high socks.

They have been related to Playboy type women such as Kendra Wilkinson, of the Playboy Mansion, as these socks are usually paired with a pair of hot pants.

So lets take Socks and heels . . .
Burberry is doing it

Dior is doing it

Dolce and Gabanna are doing it, built in style

and now Vuitton got it going too.

I love the idea, but I don't know how well I could pull it off . . .

not a good quality picture, but look, even Manga has it going on!

Primark love :)

Cherry Blossoms

I can't wait to get my hands one a pair or three . . . So excited, I can barely sleep at night :)

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  1. ughh.. I just can't make myself like the socks and heels's been my bugbear since I was in KIndy!!!!!! But.. I do love the floral shoes that are out at the moment!! Plan to go and get myself a pair this week! Saw a pair of cute flats with satin fabric with roses.. ahh.. too pretty! must have!

  2. NICE topic jen!

    I think it can look quite vintage myself, although not a huge fan.

    Floral and brown leather wedges are a MUST for summer!!

  3. This is a debatable topic, i would probably never walk out the house like that but it could look cute with Lacey socks:)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!!



  4. Hi! Just found your blog and I love your topics! I hope to see lots of your design projects here. :)

    Also, this trend...meh? Part of me can dig it as a throw part to the 30s and 40s, the other part of me pictures tourists with cankles + birkenstocks + socks = blerg. It seems to work with sweet little vintage strappy shoes as long as they are not paired with hot pants.

  5. Vanessa and Meghan, your blogs are so lovely :)

    I love this, for photographic purposes, though I have tried to pull it off myself, but really, Cape Town isn't ready for this Avent Guarde trend quite yet :)

    Does remind me sooo much of those sterotypical Germans/Afrikaners with the long socks and velt skoene, or even worse, sandals on a man


  6. Heels and socks is growing on me :)

  7. I am 50 and I came over from GreenBeanStudio!

    When I was in my early 20's we wore socks with the shoes. So it looks like the style has come back!!

  8. I love this trend, as you can see from my blog! I hope I'm doin' it right, haha!

  9. heels become more comfortable and do not cut my feet as they do to bare foot. Like it.


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