Saturday, September 11, 2010

End of holidays

K N E A D B A K E R Y in M U I Z E N B E R G

After travelling to Simons' Town to try to go to the Meeting Place, we, Mom and I, decided to take our last breakfast opportunity at Knead Bakery on the Muizenberg Beachfront.

A Red Cappichino, was actually quite nice. Had a lot of Cinnamon through. If you don't like honey, like me, order without.

Chocolate Croissant, served on a board. Which looks very nice, though proved difficult to eat on.

The entrance, with the stairs leading up to the new Roxy Surf Shop and Club house

coffee station. all the 'back' walls are mirrored to create a bigger looking restaurant area

cool flooring, coffee counter, bar type area with awesome chandelier

lots of bread choice

muffin, cupcakes, tartlets and brownies.

our bread basket with good variety of bread

bread choice at the entrance

I enjoyed my morning with my mom :) Pity the wind was pumping again. I really hate the wind.

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