Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just around the house

Such a windy day in Fish Hoek . . .  I really, really hate the wind :(
Usually I scrape back my hair, and pull on my comfy clothes just to get through the awful South Easterly gail.
But I had to go into town to college today, to pick up some stuff so had to get dressed. AND my hair has grown so much so, that it isn't staying in the bun anymore, and a ponytail just slips out :) Though maybe that is a sign it's a time for a hair cut? Though, I like my overly long hair . . .
This is what I wore today :)

what I'm wearing
faded greyblack jeans - rt
fitted pinkgrey satin blazer - project
white lace cami - mr price
black suede pumps - woolworths
red and grey marble necklace - warehouse market
silver rose ring - accessorize

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