Saturday, September 4, 2010

McTribute comes to an end

7 boards of artwork
2 outfits, 4 garments in total
Accessories to go with it.
3 weeks from start to finish.
That’s 15 days open to do the work at college.
That’s 97 and a half hours.
I finished on Thursday, with 45 minutes to spare.

Today was the end. We had to present our garments, including shoes and accessories to a panel of judges who decided whether or not the garment would showcase in the Graduation Collection Runway show in November.
Which is all well and fine . . .
Until you throw in the fact that there are 38 of us in our year, each with 2 outfits
And only 32 spaces open.

After much organisation and frustration with Matric Exams so incontinently placed, Melanie Burghart, one of the my many add on family members, agreed to be pricked and prodded as my model. Lovely Traditional Pom look about her, all pale and stuff :) She had her first South African Metrorail experience, and a nice little walk around My end of Cape Town. Was a warm, Spring day, luckily :) We arrived at college a little bit early, giving me just enough time to realise how stressed I was at that moment. The class was pretty full already so kind of just wondered around for a bit and then started with the make-up. Decided on painting on eye lashed with black liquid eye liner on the lids, with just a flicker of glitter, my personal touch ;)

Mel wearing my Corset and Jeans. The corset has distressed floral cut outs, adjustable, presstudded clasps and  a safety pin to keep it all in. The ribbon strap is attached by safety pins.

The jeans have the same distressed floral cut outs and turned up cuffs, cropped to the ankles

Roughed up and grated, the black stilettos, ankle straps, presstudded on and ribbon bows at shoes sling-back strap. I loved my shoes :)

 This is my 28 panel dress, with fitted Cropped jacket. It has the distressed floral cut outs along the raw edged hem. The chain is loosely roped around jeans buttons, although that was not the original plan, I think it came out kinda well.

 The chain on at the waist is draped over buttons. The roped shoulder details took hours, they are hand sewn loops of rope, then prick stitched onto the actual jacket yoke.

Much to my surprise, my dress and cropped jacket combo got into the Showcase :) Over joyed to be honest.

Long story short everything went really well, and I was so impressed with most of the outfits I saw. Really creatively presented. Some of the models looked as though the designer had designed the clothes specifically for them. I mean, Liz Stone even got the skin tone correct :)

Liz Stone with her amazing shoulders! Mosaic stilettos. Beautiful. I really enjoyed these outfits. Both of these garments got into the show.

Kate Stanton with her mens wear model. Made the cut :)

Christie Sutherland made a jumpsuit and a dress with hot pants. I really really loved her designs, simple and clean cut. The bow hair accessories were so fitting too. Very sweet C :)

Raya Rossi with her girls. Hand painted writing and spray painted lace. Fold over waistband flyless jeans. Cropped cuffed pants. Straw hats. Leather shoulder point. The dress made it into the show line up. It was all lovely, so perfectly Rayaesque

So far I have only found out a few of the garments that are in, but congratulations to everyone of my fedisa people) :) It was a really interesting 3 weeks

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