Monday, August 16, 2010

"Tribute to McQueen" Style lab - Day One

Day One of our Style Lab exam type thing. 
Our theme this year is 

T R I B U T E   T O   M c Q U E E N

A tribute to the man,to the country (the United Kingdom), to the art, to the design, to the love.
Although he is known for his outrageous designs and such,  he didn't seem to do much denim in his career? So how can we be doing a "tributary" for him if he didn't use the fabric what we have been assigned to use? Maybe that's the whole point of the assignment? To think along the same lines,while still being ourselves as designers? But we can draw huge amounts of inspiration from the Man :) And when in doubt, there is always google :)

amazing McQueen denim jacket. Good colouring, good fit, and like the shoulder drop detail :)

Union Jacket :) Awesome hip/side-seam detail. Just good quality avant guarde vibes :) 

 Something a little more commercial, but I like the shoulders and the re-fabrication used :)

lovely dress :)
Basically, it's a denim exam, that ends with the best garments going on our runway at the end of the year fedisa Showcase runway show. Sounds easy hey? Until you hear that there are about 40 students,each doing two full outfits - that's, what about 80ish sets? Yeah, there are only 28 spaces for women's wear and 4 for men's. AND worst of all, we only have two and a half weeks from briefing to hand in. That's storyboards, all art aspects etc, patterns, re-fabrication, sewing and finishing the outfit with accessories, shoes, jewelry and make-up. So all in all, it's a rough competition.

How incredible are these shoes?! The Lobster Shoe, also called the Hoof Boot, only released after McQueen's death in February of this year. I am sooo obsessed with these shoes, but I cannot simply copy them for my outfit so I have to work a way to copy without copying :(  
They can be seem on Lady Gaga in her music video of Bad Romance.

Everybody in class is being really secretive about there ideas, as there is only so much you can do with denim in such a short space of time. But so far, I think I have a fairly good idea of what I'm ganna do :) I have been drawing in my croque book all day and have come up with some fair alright designs, just nothing is jumping out at me yet.

Let's keep on keeping on, I guess :) Back to the Big Black Book :)


  1. I have a jacket soo similar to that first jacket that it's quite odd. Mine is mostly definitly from Asia so some asian designer might have copied it. I don't know. I bought it years ago from a thrift store for $15. Love it still. leilani

  2. Hi Leilani
    Sometimes, designers sell their mock-ups, and most of the time they make post mock-ups in the correct fabric and all the final trimming to decided that it is perfect before final creation.
    A friend of mine bought a pair of his Zip Boots, for R40


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