Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moodboards of the up coming trends, Summer 2011

Style lab is going well, although battling with time - really! Only having 7 hours a day is insane. How can we do everything, with 'first class finishings' in such a rush. I really laughed at the simple designs of some people, but clearly, I should hav esimplified my garments. Four funnly fitted, highly detail pieces in 8 days, including patterns, is ridiculous and I don't known what I was thinking. So far, I have basically finished my 28 panelled dress :)

I am so excited about the up and coming trend forcasts . . .
These are the moodboards for the upcoming fashions of Summer/Spring 2011, although for South Africa, more than likely Winter 2011 . . .

I will create my boards, sketches, scrapping, collages and ideas of the upcoming trends soon :) Just doing my research so long.
have a look at some of my friends blogs:


  1. Hey Jenna!

    I'm having real trouble viewing the images on your blog....I've tried on a couple of different computers now, both mac and pc, and can't seem to see them :( I wonder what format you're using?

  2. Hi Katie :)
    I haven't heard any other problems with the viewing. That's terribly sad though.
    I didn't change the format, so it's straight set.
    Thanks for trying though :)

  3. Well, I can see everything now....must have just been having a bad day (blogger does that sometimes).

    I must say your blog is 100 times the fun when you can actually see the pictures! I'll be visiting regularly :)



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