Sunday, August 22, 2010

Café Art

Hi :)
Oh my goodnessmee.
What a weekend. Whole weekend running off 10 hours sleep. And then still have to deal with rude, arrogant people . . .

Annnnyway. Moving on.

Apart from studying one of the most hectic degrees ever, I work, weekends and holidays, at a little restaurant, called The Foodbarn Deli. Today, although a Sunday and very was busy as usual, I had the time to 'log' the cappachinos that passed through our barristers bar.

I remembered I had seen on Carte Blanche once, there was a guy who could spin out something ridiculous like 10 coffees, all perfect, in a minute. I just liked the way our milk was forming pictures or patterns.

I tried to pull some patterns through the milk and coffee, though it was soo much harder than I thought it would be. Wow. But I think I'm going to practise more and see where it goes.
I mean, I learnt to make a cappachino :)

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