Friday, August 20, 2010

train ride home, one late friday afternoon . . .

Today, after one hectic week . . .

The first week of Style Lab.
By the way . . .
Style Lab is killing me slowly, although, I hope, that after this art week, I will get to bed before 1 am. Shouldn't have  much homework to do except accessories and little things like that :) Had the biggest hand in today - 2 storyboards ( mine had 4 intricate technical drawings on them ), mood board, concept board, 2 accessories boards, 2 hair and make up boards and a re-fabrication design illustration! So that's 9 pieces in for today. Started with my jeans patterns today, but far to hot to carry on and actually finish something I set out to do. I mean, it is a Friday ( not that that means much to us any more :P )

I was sitting on that train. An hour's trip, twice a day - it really gives you time to think. A lot. You meet really interesting people on the train . . . and some reeeeaaaalllly odd ones too. So inbetween avoiding arbs, I was thinking . . .

Isn't meant to be winter? It has been cold, like freezing in the morning, and then so warm in the afternoons? What is going on with the world.

People should really pull thier weight in group work. I can't ever remember hearing somebody say, "Oh? I love group work."
People, stop being lazy, stop riding on your 'friends' and do something. Nobody else cares about your marks, we just care about the work that effects us.

Tip your waitresses :P

Anyway, it is such a beautiful day in Cape Town. Started off with 3 layers, and now down to one.
Took a few pictures coming home, alone, felt like such a long day. But it was warm, pretty and I had the best Iced Latte ever :) Kauai <3

Lil Berry doesn't take the best photo's in the world buuuuut, this is what I was wearing today :)
MIni floral dress, two pairs of leggings, brown socks, Thigh high patent boots and vintage gold and ivory type ring.

St James bathing Huts :) So pretty in real life :)

The turn in to home, well Kalk Bay. Ohh, I love my home town.

I really should carry around my real camera. I'm afraid Lil BBerry isn't up to scratch.
Soo, busy weekend a head. Working both days, have runners for my dad's catering company to make, and still have one and a half essays to write. Them same thing next week - and the week after that. Bring on the holidays . . .

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