Sunday, August 15, 2010

cape town fashion week spring/summer 2010

This past Saturday, the 14th August was the last day of the CTFW. A old school friend of mine, Elizna managed to organise us a whole bunch of tickets, and in the end, we ended up giving some of them away because we made friends with a few buyers, bloggers and scouts who liked us, really :)

Elizna and I, after having changed jackets for the third time that night :) We had a few of the publications come up to us, like, Mr Price, some overseas interviewer and oooh what was that other one, Elle :)

Eliz, on Friday night. Frilly blouse and raw silk pencil skirt got a lot of attention from the press.

 But wow.
South Africa, you are definitely on my fashion map now. I had never heard of some, well, most of the designers int he line up, and was kinda disappointed that I had missed the 'bigger' nights. But, I was very much wrong. We ended up watching every show, except one.

Not being much of a men's wear fan, I was really impressed with Viyella, the oldest clothing brand in the world, now seems to be a branch of House of Monatic. The collection was designed by Abubaker Frizlaar. Amazing show, from start to finish. Ended with 3 men doing an little opera. Wasn't as impressed with Craig Native as I thought I would be, and do wonder why he only showed men's wear, although his style isn't to my taste anyway. There were some zigzag patterns and skateboards involved.

My favourite designers of the whole day were Ruff Tung and Stefinia Morland :) Oh my goodness. They really know what is happening! Stefinia mixed what looked like Hessian with raw silk and satin? The seams were exposed on the rough fabrics and sewn with perfection on the finer quality blends. And everybody that was seated got given a fern like plant - nice touch.

The picture that Elle took of me :) Kinda average, but I really didn't know what to expect. I should have dressed up a bit more. I mean, women were wearing prom dresses and haute couture items. I felt a bit out, but what ever. Got compliments on my lil shoes.

I had so much fun. Was so worth the scary drive into Cape Town. I think every person should experience it once in their lives :)

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