Wednesday, August 18, 2010

THEFT magazine photoshoot

p r o j e c t f a s h i on m a g a z i n e

Okay so these are the photographs I took of my beautiful friend, Lisa Harrison. They are for a project at college. We had to create a magazine that is all about our world and what we think the real world wants to read and be a part of.

These pictures were taken with a Canon 300D, with no editing, natural light and well postitioned sun :) Between Lisa and I, we styled all the looks. I took the photographs. On my balcony, and in and around my house.

This was the first time I had met Lisa, properly, and I was so hoping she would be as pretty in real life as she was in other photgraphs I'd seen of her. Turned out that she was even better, and was exactly what I was looking for. Like a muse, really.

 blue floral strapless dress, atmosphere
leggings, mr price
gold chain necklace, attitude
gold charm bracelet, mr price 

cream rose shirt, denim & co.
gold charm necklace, foshini
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude
 leggings, mr price
boots, edgars

cream rose shirt, denim & co.
gold charm necklace, foshini
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude

grey wash dress, body wrap
leather belt (used as a necklace) mr price

floral dress, mr price
leggings, mr price
hair accessory, project at mr price
crystal beaded necklace, foschini
teething beaded necklace, simonstown market

I used this one, above, for the cover of THEFT's 'first edition' :P

grey tank, cherokee
high-waisted black and white floral skirt, french connection
white chiffon neckscarf, ap jones
 black belt, woolworths
 brown wash suede pocohontas boots, obseesed
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude
 gold pendant necklace, foschini
gold band bracelets, foshini
clipon flower cuff, secrets of babylon
polka dot ruffle dress, shikha london
chiffon neckscarf, ap jones
gold pendant necklace, attitude
gold charm bracelet, truworths

babydoll dress, mr price
cardigan, real clothing at pick n pay
band bracelets, edgars
gold detailed cuff, edgars
necklace, potbelly

cream rose shirt, denim & co.
gold charm necklace, foshini
gold heart pendant necklace, attitude
leggings, mr price

This is my favourite picture, I think.

The whole idea for my magazine is how we as young adults need to move away from our parents and become our own people, but we need to be taught to live alone, etc. I wanted to create the idea of individuality and happiness, away from home, and creating your whole new world.

I have so much homework still to do, but needed a break.


  1. hi hi as a fellow fashion student i just thought id add that,that girl is really super pretty i wish i had the motivation to strike a pose everytime i saw a camera around and just have it turn out amaze! lol but i was just browsing as i have a marketing assignment on my chosen brand
    [mr.pee]evidently and my favorite pic award goes toooo the grey dress body wrap thingy with the belt used as a necklace tops kido looking oober chic.;]

  2. thank you very much.

    Lisa Harrison is one of those naturally beautiful girls, she wasn't even "striking' poses, that is just how beautiful she is.

    I love Mr Price, as you can see. Have a look at the clothing label/link in the labels bar. I wear a lot of their stuff.

    please follow the blog and comment more often, feedback is always great.

    J x


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