Sunday, August 15, 2010

my world

How do you start a blog?

Hi, I'm Jenna and I like, what I call, old school floral.
Floral anything actually. Not much better than a good floral.
I'm currently studying a BA Clothing Technology degree at fedisa

Sounds about right. a good enough start :)

The reason I have chosen the name 'Croque Life' (croque pronounced crow-key) is because at college, I'm known to kinda over do the prep work in my visual diary, and express all my emotion into small, sketchy drawings. I spend at least 2 out of my 5 Art Week days fiddling with intricate detail of pencil sketches of outfits. It's all about self-expression anyway, right?

Well, I want to show you - life through my eyes. I don't see things the same way as the average child. I'm a bit different, tbh (to be honest) So the images I use - I'm pretty much going to google a word, and I'll try give the reference but not ganna promise. I'll rather take credit for the pictures I take :)

such a lovely example of old-school love :) used this one for my 'popular appeal' storyboards.

simple. clean. classic. crisp. beautiful.

I have always wanted a blog. I have twitter , facebook and even did the myspace thing for a bit, but it is quite the same thing, is it?
I love the fashion industry, and am so glad I chose to spend my life in it's path. Fashion shows, celebrities (not that I follow them with a magnifying glass, only use them for icons etc.) and all those amazing magazines and publications.
this seems like a good introduction. there you have it. hope you enjoy my blog :)


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