Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fairy Castle Fedisa on Buitengracht

Some children get taught by people in suits. At fedisa, no.
Miss A, van der Merwe, our teacher that has stuck with us since last year, and hopefully will be our third year teacher too :)
So, Mevrou (one of the senior teachers) has made three ball gowns for some or other company's something . . . hehe, very discriptive, but don't know details. All I know is she had to use the table cloths and seat covers, to match the decor.

I wanted to take more, but people in the class were looking at me strangely. I got all embarrassed :( Have to get over that. But glad I took some at least. Although, I thought I took more.
My favourite one, the cream one, was covered with twisted flowers. The other one was a stunning crimson red gown fringed with black feather boa.

This one wasn't my favourite, but Miss A came back down, especially to show me the feather detail.

In the end, Miss A
 just answered a few questions. She was just inspiring us for next terms project . . .


Yay, Corsetry. I am so excited. I have been waiting for this for just about f o r e v e r :) Although, I have a corset in my T R I B U T E T O M c Q U E E N P R O J E C T, I will have to try it out first and see how it goes. I am so happy to be doing a gown because I want to try my hand at the whole Wedding Dress thing. I am a little worried, but we probably will have lots of time to finish.

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