Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy Friday

I have so much to do but just don't feel like working :)

On Woman's day, we - as in my mom, dad and bestest friend/house mate Liz - took a drive out to Rhodes Memorial, just for a visit and then went out for some lunch.
I love Rhodes. You have the most stunning view of UCT and Cape Town from UCT all the way across the Flats, until Durbanville Hill, as well as the soon to be demolished Athlone Towers.

We took some pictures :)

Black Berry :)

the View of Cape Town

Liz and I :) I'm a moster, really.

Liz is wearing
Dress, Funky Ice
Pashmina Scarf, Pashmina
Leggings and Boot, Mr Price

I'm wearing
Blazor and floral mini dress, Project at Mr Price
Jeans, RE: at Woolworths
Pashmina Scarf, Pashmina
Pumps, Mr Price

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