Sunday, August 29, 2010

McQProject - Week One

P R O J E C T M c Q U E E N O B S E S S I O N

Hectic week.  Am sooo behind from where I wanted to be, although, only 4 hours behind my 'new deadline'. Hopefully will get done by Wednesday, giving me Thursday to fix things and make sure everything is right.

just patterns and stuff on my dress on my desk

doing my flower brooch, with tea :)

inside of my cropped jacket, lined with the Union Jack flag

Back Yoke Sausage, all rolled up. Took forever.

Long day, rushed list of last minute things

Top Stitching on my 28 panelled dress

28 panelled dress, flared out, before top stitching

the cut out in the jeans

Making the roped shoulder detail accessories

This past week, I finished my dress and 3/4's of my cropped jacket. All that is left is a pair of jeans and a corset, but if I run out of time, I'm just ganna have to make a cropped tank shirt, which should be fine too.

McQueen week two to come

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